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BTC 2016 - Jesus the Servant: A Study of Service in the Life of Christ

CLICK HERE for BTC16 conference audio!

Session 1 | "Jesus the Servant: Son" | Jason Walter

Session 2 | “Jesus the Servant: Prophet” | Doug VanderMeulen

Session 3 | “Jesus the Servant: Example” | Jason Walter

Session 4 | “Jesus the Servant: Priest” | Doug VanderMeulen

Session 5 | “Jesus the Servant: Redeemer” | Jason Walter

Session 6 | “Jesus the Servant: King” | Doug VanderMeulen

Questions & Answers Session - John Giarrizzo, Doug VanderMeulen, Jason Walter

BTC 2015 - Not Ashamed: Standing for Truth in a Fallen World

CLICK HERE for BTC15 conference audio!

Session 1 -Truth: A Biblical Worldview - Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 2 - The Foundation of Truth - Dr. James White

Session 3 - The Example of Truth - Dr. James White

Session 4 - The Actions of Truth - Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 5 - The Buttress of Truth - Dr. Jim Renihan

Bonus Session 1 - The Confession of Our Faith - Dr. Jim Renihan

Bonus Session 2 - The Defense of Our Faith - Dr. James White

Questions & Answers Session - Dr. Jim Renihan, Dr. James White, Pastor John Giarrizzo

BTC 2013 - The Visible Church and Its Means of Grace

Session 1 - Definition of the Means of Grace - Richard Barcellos

Session 2 - Baptism as a Means of Grace - Ron Baines

Session 3 - The Lord's Supper as a Means of Grace - Richard Barcellos

Session 4 - Preaching as a Means of Grace - Richard Barcellos

Q&A Session - Part 1 - Richard Barcellos, Ron Baines, Sam Waldron, John Giarrizzo

Session 5 - Prayer as a Means of Grace - Ron Baines

Q&A Session - Part 2 - Richard Barcellos, Ron Baines, Sam Waldron, John Giarrizzo

BTC 2012 - Living Out Our Doctrine in Love: The Practical Implications of the Doctrines of Grace

Opening Remarks - Topic Background by David Giarrizzo 

Session 1 - The Practical Implication of Total Depravity: Humility - Sam Waldron

Session 2 - The Practical Implication of Unconditional Election: Evangelism - Gordon Taylor

Session 3 - The Practical Implication of Limited Atonement: Love - Sam Waldron

Session 4 - The Practical Implication of Irresistable Grace: Service - Gordon Taylor

Q&A Session: Part 1 -Gordon Taylor, Sam Waldron, & John Giarrizzo

Session 5 - The Practical Implication of Perseverance of the Saints - Gordon Taylor

Q&A Session: Part 2 - Gordon Taylor, Sam Waldron, & John Giarrizzo

BTC 2011 - The Need for Godly Men & Women in the Church

Session 1 - Introductions by David Dykstra & Mark Chanski

Session 2 - Womanly Dominion - Mark Chanski (...sorry, no audio available.)

                 Masculine Godliness, Part 1 - David Dykstra

Session 3 - Masculine Godliness, Part 2 - David Dykstra

Session 4 - Manly Dominion - Mark Chanski

Session 5 - Guidelines for Singles - David Dykstra

                  Marital Dominion - Mark Chanski

Session 6 - Men: Their Problems & Solutions - David Dykstra

Q&A Session with David Dykstra, Mark Chanski, & John Giarrizzo

BTC 2010 - The Church & Missions

Session 1 - Introductions by Don Donell & Raymond Perron

Session 2 - "The Mission is God's" - Don Donell

Session 3 - "Let's Get Out of Our Hideout" - Raymond Perron

Session 4 - "Becoming a Radicalized Disciple" - Don Donell

Session 5 - "Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Culture" - Raymond Perron

Session 6 - Q & A with Don Donell, John Giarrizzo, & Raymond Perron

Q&A Session at BTC 2010

BTC 2009 - Sanctified Service

Coming soon!...

Session 1 - Introductions by Earl Blackburn & Robert Briggs

Session 2 - "The Basis of Godly Living" - Robert Briggs

Session 3 - "Ministering Your Gifts" - Earl Blackburn

Session 4 - "Manifesting Your Graces" - Earl Blackburn

Session 5 - "The Character of Godly Living" - Robert Briggs

Q&A Session at BTC 2009

More videos coming soon!...

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Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

A Challenge to Women, John Piper

Becoming a Titus 2 Woman, Martha Peace

Disciplines of a Godly Man, Kent Hughes

Manly Dominion, Mark Chanski

The Marks of Manhood, Albert Mohler

Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle

Womanly Dominion, Mark Chanski



Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You, Earl Blackburn

Stop Dating the Church, Joshua Harris

What is a Healthy Church Member, Thabiti Anyabwile

Why We Love the Church, Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck

Evangelism & Missions

Today's Gospel, Walt Chantry

Spiritual Growth

The Pursuit of Holiness, Jerry Bridges


Note: All resources are listed topically then alphabetically by title.

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ARBCA  Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America

IRBS   The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

Ardent Cries  Theological blog; updated by 6 reformed Baptist brothers-in-Christ

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